Spectroscopic Signature of Chemical Bond Dissociation Revealed by Calculated Core-Electron Spectra


The advent of ultrashort soft x-ray pulse sources permits the use of established gas phase spectroscopy methods to investigate ultrafast photochemistry in isolated molecules with element and site specificity. In the present study, we simulate excited state wavepacket dynamics of a prototypical process, the ultrafast photodissociation of methyl iodide. Based on the simulation, we calculate time-dependent excited state carbon edge photoelectron and Auger electron spectra. We observe distinct signatures in both types of spectra and show their direct connection to C – I bond dissociation and charge rearrangement processes in the molecule. We demonstrate at the CH 3 I molecule that the observed signatures allow us to map the time-dependent dynamics of ultrafast photo-induced bond breaking with unprecedented details.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf
Staff Scientist

My research is focused on discovering structure-function relationships in ultrafast photochemistry to better understand and eventually control this type of reactions.