Fragmentation of endohedral fullerene $mathrmHmathrmo_3mathrmN@mathrmC_80$ in an intense femtosecond near-infrared laser field


The fragmentation of gas phase endohedral fullerene, Ho3N@C80, was investigated using femtosecond near-infrared laser pulses with an ion velocity map imaging spectrometer. We observed that Ho+ abundance associated with carbon cage opening dominates at an intensity of 1.1×1014W/cm2. As the intensity increases, the Ho+ yield associated with multifragmentation of the carbon cage exceeds the prominence of Ho+ associated with the gentler carbon cage opening. Moreover, the power law dependence of Ho+ on laser intensity indicates that the transition of the most likely fragmentation mechanisms occurs around 2.0×1014W/cm2.

Physical Review A
Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf
Staff Scientist

My research is focused on discovering structure-function relationships in ultrafast photochemistry to better understand and eventually control this type of reactions.